Truss Tables

Many of the piers in shipyards are packed full of equipment and pallets. RDS Truss Tables are your solution to saving space.

Customizable Truss Tables

The RDS Truss Table can store environmental equipment over existing pallets on top of the truss table. The legs are adjustable and narrow so they fit easily between existing pallets of equipment. These tables have adjustable support beams for various types of equipment, ladder access, deck grating walkways and safety rails allowing easy access for maintenance. The legs have weights bolted to them for holding down support. Each table comes complete with cables and forklift slots for easy transportation.

Because our equipment is made to be close to ships, the ducting is shorter and easier to install. These units are available for rent or purchase.


  • Adjustable legs adaptable to any position
  • Forklift transportable for easy relocation
  • Adaptable railing allows for easy maintenance and maneuverability
  • Convertable tops to support a wide variety of equipment

You'll be amazed by what we can build!


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